A day of thanks

In the spirit of the holiday (in the US we’re celebrating Thanksgiving) I thought I’d offer my appreciation / thanks to the projects I use and lean on to make my applications work. This isn’t a canonical list, I’m sure I’ve forgotten libraries here and there. And regardless of whether I use your code right now or not, thanks for releasing it where I can someday if it does something I need. I contribute everything I can when I can because everybody else has contributed so much that makes me more productive I want to follow suit.

If you blog, I’d ask you to consider something alone these lines of your own. As software authors there are lots of instances where our code is doing things we have no idea about until we’re told.

This is in addition to all the OTHER stuff I use besides libraries – GitX, VLC, Audacity, QGIS, TileMill and others I’m sure.

Open source software authors, give yourselves a pat on the back. Open source users, thank the authors who give you something to use in the first place.

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