Blog Intro / November Attempt

Welcome (a little early) to November, a month where many technical authors around the internet will be attempting to write one blog post per day.

I intend to join them – on something very interesting to me and useful for all as applications become more location-aware – geospatial. I’m only trying for weekdays, and I may not get them all.

Everything we’ll do here is neogeography – many elements of true GIS will be completely ignored. But if you want to take your Python (and Django) into the realm of “where” this should help.

Hopefully this is useful for everybody – but the emphasis is going to be on Python, and certain topics will include Django. I’ll attempt to keep assumptions of knowledge to a minimum to be helpful.

Also, to facilitate this, I’ve set up a WordPress instance. I have my own site, but it’s specialized for things that aren’t blogging…and I decided time was better spent on content than website renovation. (Yes, I’ve written a Django blog. But it doesn’t have everything I want for this endeavor) Others in the Open Source community are solving the blogging problems, so I’ll work on the location ones.

See you tomorrow, when we’ll get this show on the road!

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